To slap a girl in the face, usually with the intent of leaving a mushroom stamp.
I fadunked this girl after I busted a nutt in her eye.
by Fadunker September 11, 2003
Top Definition
The act of slapping another person in the face with your cock. Hence leaving a large, red mark on their cheek.
That bitch wouldnt shut the fuck up so i had to fadunk her from across the room. Knocked the bitch out cold for two hours.
by Asshat November 18, 2003
the act of slapping your dick around someones face or head
after the gobbie i fadunked her
by jackroll June 10, 2006
(v.) to smack someone in the face with a penis that has recently ejaculated to leave a mushroom print. loads of fun.
Haha Jeff fell asleep and Matt fadunked him! I always thought those two were weird. Fadunk! Fadunkity dunk dunk dunk.
by anonymous November 29, 2003
The sound made when a wet cock, usually right from the mouth of a female, slaps the face.
Dude, I pulled it out of her mouth and fadunked her!!!
by Jew Dog August 16, 2007
(v) The motion of taking ones penis, and slapping it across anothers face in a brisk motion; normally cauing severe head and neck trauma. (One is usually fadunked while the "fadunker" is in the process of ejaculation."
As the 5 year old mexican walked down the dark alley, he was randomly fadunked by a large black, hepes infested penis.
by Bosqueef March 08, 2005
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