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Pronounced; fat-ty
A counter-strike player who is very obese, and is extremely bad at CS. He smells like fecies, and has a brain the size of a pigeon.
May also be used to describe an event that is embarrassing and/or terrible.
N: Who is that playing CS over there? Oh, it's Fadi, probably the fattest person I have ever seen in my life.
ADJ: That person is so fadi with an awp, he just wiffed a guy in the back.
V: The guy just fadied. He fell off of the rafters on nuke and died.
by tomhhh July 10, 2008
35 95
A masculine, Arabic name.

It can be translated as:

It is an Arabic name for Jesus and is therefore typically a Christian name.

It is a fairly common name in Lebanon.

It can also be written as Fady, although this alternative spelling is somewhat rare and is typically reserved for the elite.
Hey, look at that awesome Lebanese guy!
What's his name?
Oh yeah, it's Fadi!
by fadmaster flex April 11, 2006
227 50
Fadi, a lebanese and Christian name for Jesus

A kind hearted guy, who is sent to this earth to help who ever is in need no matter who they are. Extreamly intelligent, good looking and loving. A Romantic that will love someone from the all his heart. Friends with everyone and everyone friends with him. Hides his emotions and lives a very independant life. Does anything for the people he loves. Very creative and lives life as if there was no tomorow and wants to have a normal life, but he cares too much for others to have a normal life for himself.
Oh my god, you are so romantic ! You are such a Fadi !

You just saved my life ! You are a Fadi !
by Maya678 May 28, 2012
25 5
A man who doesnt give a single fuck about anything

Synonymous to Apathy
Dude did you just see that?


stop being a Fadi and look!
by fredrickthethird October 30, 2011
46 26
A person who's abilities are well-known and he is immersed in cultures and traditions that are starnge and foreign to others. He prefers to work and spend his time alone, to relaxing and hanging out with his friends.
Asker: "Dude, when we go to the movies, who's coming along?" Juggy: "Probably everyone except that Fa Di; He's too busy working."
by Dark Man July 17, 2009
4 0
(fah-deess) a word that is meant to break the silence when one is bored
person 1: hi

Person 2:sup?

Person 1:nm.

Person 2:cool.

person 1: ...

person 2: ...

person 1: ...

person 2: ...

person 1: faaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

person 2: diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss...

person 1: fadis

An excellent ice-breaker.
by Theguywhosnotnamedtino August 12, 2011
3 1
Inappropriate touching, groping, or gyrating, in public
a man accidentally touches Sam's Breast... He just pulled a Fadi
by Tomtom6969 October 18, 2010
31 42
a guy thats obsessed with Vegas, spending money on lavish things and gadgets, wants to live in cali, loves Dane Cook, he's hot, tall and so gorgeous, thinks he is the smartest guy in the world and everyone else is senseless.
He's such a Fadi.
by durtydudu August 24, 2008
52 96