The person responsible for Facebooks atrocious first home page revision of 2009...also see epic fail.

May God have mercy on this persons soul.
"Dude, I just started a group to petition against the new Facebook."

"Join mine too. We'll have over a million members."

"Christ man, it's only been three days...I just hope they catch that facecrook."
by Savannah Descent March 29, 2009
Top Definition
A person who has hacked your account and changed your password so that they can completely own your facebook
My password won't work. Damnit a facecrook stole my account
by The Chocolate Leopard April 10, 2010
One who commits fraudulent, illegal, or evil acts on facebook.
Whoever tagged me in a picture on facebook that was really a picture of someone else is a total facecrook.
by Greg Buri December 14, 2007
Using someone else's picture, such as a celebrity, as your Facebook profile photo.
"Damn man, do you see that hot girl Donnie's friends with on Facebook?"

"You dolt, that's a picture of Olga Kurylenko. Donnie's friend is a facecrook!"
by The Other 99 December 02, 2008
a criminal apprehended as a result of postings or activity on Facebook.
Johnny is such a Facecrook. He got busted for burglary by signing into his facebook account while at the victims's house.
by FletchArmstrong January 10, 2010
Someone who goes to your facebook profile to add all your friends as his own. Usually done because they are in a mental contest with that person. Gotten from wordplay between Facebook and Crook
guy 1:Hey dude check out this guy, he's got 419 mutual friends with me.
guy 2:What a total FACECROOK
by stevirus1608 June 18, 2010
Poser, and often many two faced people.
Did you see facecrook acting like them?
by Arthrodesis August 16, 2011
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