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A person that will take bets for you over Facebook (either with Wall-to-Wall or with private messaging) in order to add convenience and remove face to face contact to lower the risk of getting robbed.
I didn't want to drive all the way down to the track or even grab my phone, so I used my Facebookie instead. It's illegal, but so much easier.
by marblewonder July 27, 2009
A person who is addicted to facebook, constantly checking to see if they have new notifications.
Guy 1: How was your date with Sydney?

Guy 2: It was good, she was constantly on her phone, checking for new updates on facebook.

Guy 1: Oh yea, thats what happens when you go on a date with a facebookie.
by thepinkstar1219 February 14, 2010
Someone who has succumbed to pressure from others and become a facebook addict. Mission: to create more fackbookies from facebookophobes
"so over myspace, i've converted and become an all out facebookie now"
by Carot September 09, 2007
A person obsessed with Fabcebook who prefers that mode of communication over email, telephone or face to face interactions.
Jane: What happened to Donna? She hasn't returned any emails or phonecalls and she didn't make it to my party last Saturday.

Mike: She's become a Facebookie. Contact her there, you're guaranteed a reply.
by unconnected March 12, 2009
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