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If he was single, he'd be the most eligible bachelor in the history of the world.
Al Gore: Hi, I've won an Oscar, a Nobel Prize, and I invented the Internet. Nice to meet you.
Woman: My place, NOW.
by marblewonder November 11, 2007
An awesome electronic duo from Toronto consisting of Jesse F. Keeler (formerly of Death from Above 1979) and Al-P.
I bought MSTRKRFT's album "The Looks" and I can't stop listening to it.
by marblewonder July 17, 2008
The land of the long last names.
These names are long because they consist of sentences put together.
Saravanalanganingham is an unusually short Sri Lankan last name.
by marblewonder May 03, 2006
The lungs of New York City.

The 843 acre park is bounded by Central Park South (59th Street), Fifth Avenue, Central Park North (110th Street), and Central Park West (Eighth Avenue) in Manhattan. It is the most popular city park in America and is a place where all New Yorkers can get forget about the big city.
It was so crowded on Fifth Avenue, I decided to take a jog in Central Park.
by marblewonder December 06, 2006
A person that will take bets for you over Facebook (either with Wall-to-Wall or with private messaging) in order to add convenience and remove face to face contact to lower the risk of getting robbed.
I didn't want to drive all the way down to the track or even grab my phone, so I used my Facebookie instead. It's illegal, but so much easier.
by marblewonder July 27, 2009
Honest to God
H2G bro, we gotta chill some time
by marblewonder February 19, 2009
1. To prevent a friend (male or female) or associate from attending a physics symposium.

2. Any such attempt to prevent a friend or associate from going to a physics symposium.
1. Damn, Johnny just totally quarkblocked his roommate. Ass.

2. OK, Isaac's headed toward the door with some notes on particle physics and our Halo scrim is on in fifteen minutes. We're going to have to attempt a quarkblock.
by marblewonder January 28, 2009

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