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When someone calls you a face, you are being dissed moe foe. Except in Pro-Wrestling.
Ya Face Hole.
by Chief Rottingham May 27, 2003
A) to FACE - to put both hands in the shape of the lotto hand and hold them up to your face to frame it, because you are totally bonkers and laughing at cheesestrings!
B) Face - shouting out 'FACE' whilst doing the above hand gesture to symbolise how awesome/ridiculous something is. A gesture to show what a bonkers time you are having.

Person 1 - That band was awesome
Surrounding group - FACE!

Haha look at your stupid face 'FACE'!
by Heratio October 25, 2012
Fuck all consequences entirely
I had sex with a marines wife last night. F.A.C.E.
by man vulture May 29, 2011
Justin Barry
Justin Barry, you are face.
by bigmammajamma December 09, 2010
A word that you can put ANY word in front of to make a quick and easy insult . to make you look semi clever in a argument . also works with head .
moon FACE, table FACE, tree HEAD ,
by millwallfc4321 May 25, 2009
the act of being intense or really cool with a great attitude
jimmy was totally face today!
by lippipold April 30, 2009
A term often used to mean absolutely anything the meaning of which must be judged by tone pitch and inflection alone.
Steven Tsang: "face face"
by watersa5 July 10, 2008