(verb) to consume or finish off by ones self
-dude if you don't wanna get down on this blunt im guna face that shit.

-if you don't wanna get down on this blunt im guna smoke that shit to face.

-can be used interchangeably with 'smoke that shit to my (dome)'
by Laura Lamarre November 13, 2008
May be used as an insult or replacement to a swear or curse.
Augh! You face!!

That's face!!
by ebatotheworld May 14, 2008
A known member of an organized crime gang in an English city, the term probably started in London. A bit like a "made guy" in the Mafia, someone to be weary of and treated with respect.
Freddie Foreman was a face back in the 50s and 60s
by ManofG November 30, 2007
A term used to discribe a friend, preferably someone whom you know well so that when you call them they won't get mad, and usually an adjective is added before it. Originated from a bunch of emo-kids from California studying in Japan.
Grace and Lisa are friends, and Grace calls Lisa "face" because it rhymes with Grace, and after that everyone's name ends with the word face. For example, Gay-face, Emo-Face, Pussy-face etc etc
hey sup face? watcha doing?

yo steve i heard emo-face got some cut last nite!

by yomamakickass January 14, 2007
What someones says right after someone just got dissed.
Your momma is a whore.
by onlythecoolestrussell December 11, 2005
used to insult a friend in a friendly way, often sung to the tune of "shake your booty" by KC and the sunshine band or beethoven's fifth symphany
facefaceface, facefaceface, faceface faceface

face face face faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace, face face face faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace
by C0BEX October 06, 2003
A State of being- being ok, term used in merseyside, england
"im off my face" - being drunk
by tef smith August 27, 2003

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