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3 definitions by wawowewa

something said commonly by asian immigrants that have recently arrived in america and are easily angered.
bob:*cuts off mr. chan"
mr chan: "fack a you!!!!!"
by wawowewa December 31, 2010
Something that people say when something happened that could be interpreted as perverted.

When you get hit with anything in your face and people need to emphasize it.
jack: "Ahhh man i got this stuff all over me
Steve:"In the face"

Bob: *punches guy in the face*
Bill: "in the face!!!!"
by wawowewa December 30, 2010
when you have a bad face, meaning it looks tricky, slyish, or angry. Commonly used by russian immigrants.
Bob:*tries to steal greg's wallet*
Greg:" You not do this is see you have no good face"

Steve:"hello sir"
Vlad:" you have no good face!!"
by wawowewa January 01, 2011