1. A substitute for a word or name you can't remember
2. An insult, shortened from "Your Mums Face"
3. An endearning greeting
"He's over there, with... Face"
"Your mums face loves it!"
"Face! I haven't seen you in ages!"
by facebrooke March 02, 2008
1) Just your normal face =]
2) used in the form of an insult
1) Julia threw noodles at alice and one got stuck to her face
2) "I hate you"
by [Cyber Pirate] February 07, 2007
a person, or a friend. A synecdoche that uses one part of the body to symbolize the whole person. Usually an affectionate term. Can have attatchments for peronal touch.
"hey face!"
"Hi, cute face."
"what you up to smart face, reading a good book?"
by sieuw April 08, 2006
In wrestling, means a wrestler that is a fan favorite.
Hulk Hogen is probably the biggest face in World Wrestling Entertainment history.
by ocfernan July 13, 2003
adv. used to intensify the word immediately preceding it; generally applied to forms of substance abuse, or the act of regurgitation
At Ko's party this weekend, I'm gonna drink FACE!

I got so hammered at that party, I puked face.

Roll up a blunt, I wanna poof (def. 2) face.
by EmperorKO February 17, 2003
If you had to go on urban dictionary to look up what a face is, then you're a face
Shit Chris! Stop bein such a face
by Yunghooligan May 05, 2013
Faces is a term generally used in contrast to the term"heads". Whereas "heads" are generally people you consider to be cool,

" faces" are people you dislike.
I thought that dude was a head, but he turned out to be a total face.

No dude, I am not going to the boardwalk because there are mad faces there.
by Theonlyhead February 26, 2012

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