an expression yelled at a high volume at someones face. Can be accompanied by shoving an open palm into the face as well.
Hey gspot?
by Brooks Reed May 26, 2005
Adjective used for one who is high on MDMA (Ecstasy)
"We weren't at the party for 10 mintues and he was hugging everyone and asking for light shows. He was so face."
by Kate December 19, 2003
Face (v) To complete the entire amount of an available resource by oneself. The term is generally applied to alcohol, drugs, or food. The resource is only considered "faced" once it has been completely consumed and can only be considered "faced" if one person contributed alone to its consumption.
Example 1
Sam "Hey how much of that Jack Daniels is left?"

Me "None"

Sam "What!? Did you face the bottle!?"

Me "Yes and I may need my stomach pumped."
by Rambo, Jon J. December 19, 2012
US Currency worth more than a dollar. There are singles and the rest are faces. Singles are usually spending money while faces are for saving (for street level drug dealers).
I don't spend any faces unless its for some new Jordans or child support.
by Juanita95898 February 16, 2012
A generic insult with no direct meaning, used as a noun.
You're a face.
by Captain Wow 131516 November 23, 2010
The act in which one tilts their face down, grinning with their eyes forward, hinting at a personal joke.
Zach: yo where were you yesterday?
Calum: (face)
Zach: true...
by mackay12 March 24, 2009
1. Body part.
2. Added to the end of an insult for originality (similar to adding "mangy" to the beginning of an insult)
1. She has a fit body but a ugly face.
2. Fuckface, fagface, shitface, dickface, cuntface, whoreface, mangyfuckface, mangydickface, mangywhoreface etc.
by patrick_is_so_amazing May 02, 2008

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