To be overly goodie goodie, to the point of being a dork. Comes from the word Babyface, which means a good guy in prowrestling.
Man, Bob Sagat is such a face. I had to face it to my boss, to get out early. This party is really facey, they don't even have booze.
by Derek Greser June 27, 2004
An awesome word that can be substituted for any other word in the english language.
Portions of words can also be partially substituted. More extremely, face can also replace whole sentences.

Referring to someone's face instead of talking to them like they are a person is also accepted.
Example 1:
When is your face coming to my face for facing?
Translation: When are you coming to my place for games?

Example 2:
Glen's face says to ask your face if your face wants his face to order your face that Razor face.
Translation: Glen says to ask you if you want him to order you that Razor mouse.

Example 3:
Glen - Face?
Pearse - Face soon!
Glen - Are you awake yet and are you coming over tonight to watch Starcraft and if so, what time are you coming? Do you need a lift?
Pearse - Yes, I'm on my way and will be there soon.
by G Fordham March 01, 2009
A word commonly used to describe a prestige man of high class. Someone who is the life of all partys but doesnt lose his classiess. A James Bond figure for example. Wearing a pin-striped pure Egyptian cotton shirt he enjoys an occasional Coke a Cola with his Marlboro Blend no. 27 cigarette. He aint born typical. Not one of the croud. He is a Fever per say, a Diplomat's son.
Michael Chance Ogakwu aka Face
by seanilicious glav-poppin' June 13, 2011
(1) Exclamation made in reference to "in the face" sometimes over used by certain people just for the pure fucking nonsense of it all!
(2) A body part that gets "saacked" or threatened often
by Jamie R. February 05, 2005
The act of giving or recieving oral pleasure to a lady. The female equivalant to a blow job.
Dick: i love you babe
Susie: If you loved me you'd gimmie get down there Dick!!!

Ladies: GIMME FACE!!!
by baconbandit757 March 02, 2011
This term is evolving as a bifurcation of the term 'giving head', which could mean performing oral sex on either males or females, but more often referring to fellatio, oral sex performed on males. The newer term 'giving face' is now tending to a more restrictive meaning of cunnilingus only, or oral sex performed on females, and 'giving head', towards only fellatio, or oral sex performed on males.

Neither term differentiates between which sex is performing the sexual act; only the sex of the recipient is relevant.
I was too drunk to get it up, so I gave her some face instead.
by HelenofTroy September 22, 2007
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