1.a word for "IN YOUR FACE!" or "BURN" which was made popular by family guy.

2.use after someone burns someone even the slightest bit.
1. (brian is on coke and just walks in while the family is having dinner)

Brian: sorry to be tardy to the party.

Meg: WOW brian! have you lost weight? you gotta tell me your secret!

Brian: want a hint? Put Down The Fork! FACE!

Bill: hey Bob, can i have some of your roasted nuts?

Bob: Yo mama got the nuts roasted in her mouth last night!

Joe: FACE!
by ~{GoA}~n00btastic! February 09, 2005
F.A.C.E. is an acronym for frontal ass crack extraordinaire, it is when an individual has a stomach so large that it looks like an asscrack
Oh my God! That person is a F.A.C.E. !!!!
by crackaddict666 October 07, 2009
Face (n) - How the public as a whole views an individual or group. Having face is having a positive reputation.
What you could have taught me would have saved some face.

The class president lost face when word spread about her abortion.
by Jim June 06, 2004
The dude from the A-team.

Why'd they get rid of Face and bring on the female reporter. A-team sucks now
by Dr.HOTdog November 12, 2005
Facilitates Accuracy Consistency and Efficiency
Do you run F.A.C.E. on that computer yet?

I wish my company gave me tools like F.A.C.E.!
by YMYF May 12, 2008
in the days of mods, the face was the top mod to look up to, as opposed to the regular tickets or numbers. you always copy the face's dance moves. the ace face is the top of the aces.
"I am the face, she has to know me, i'm dressed up better than anyone within a mile" -Jimmy from Quadrophenia
by Luna August 30, 2003
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