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Someone who finds tremendous satisfaction in sucking someones toes, seen as an odd fetish, makes the toesucker the target of numerous insults
Peter: hey Alex I heard you sucked Emmas toes on the weekend, you sick fucking toesucker
by Padre March 14, 2008
Aussie slang for a person (usually male) with red hair. Used as a powerful insult much like ginger minger
Man lets an easy goal through in football

Redhead: mate, you're really fukin worthless

Man: Fuck you mundugga

Redhead runs away crying later to become an emo
by Padre March 14, 2008
(noun) an insulting term meaning self loving cock-sucker who believes he is the centre of the world (fabio centric world map). Used as a name that the target shouldnt find out about.

origins in Fabio Lanzoni the model
fabio hater: Fabio, so hot right now.... man I hate him so much
by Padre March 14, 2008
Aussie slang for a metrosexual, used as an insult, more insulting than fag or homo
oi tuki, get that fukin gel out of your hair and do some fukin work
by Padre March 14, 2008

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