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an acronym for "fuck your opinion" used to relay a dismissive disinterest in hearing what someone thinks no matter what the content of their opinion may have been (i.e. whether in agreement or disagreement)

an indication that an individual's opinion on a particular topic is unwarranted, irrelevant, or of no consequence

a phrase showing displeasure or disapproval of vapid pontification
"I think the government needs to..."
"I'm just saying, we..."
"F... Y... O..."
by Jalopicus September 04, 2014
Find Your Own Status
When you post a status on facebook and seconds later another person posts the same one - reply to his status: "FYOS bitch!"
by SlayerCy1 March 08, 2011
An acronym meaning "flipping you off" usually used in response to a person using the acronym "SMH".
Person #1 "I can't believe my boss is making me go into work while its snowing. SMH."

Person #2 "FYO. idiot"
by letsthrash January 25, 2011
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