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Meaning: Fuck Your Life
Opposite of the popular FML term (Made famous by fmylife.com).

To be used in...
1) A nerds timid way to express utter anger.
2) Describing a fucked up situation/event that a person is in, to that person.
Jock: Hey u little dweeby prick, pick the wedgie out ur stuck up ass you faggot.
Nerd: FYL, jock monkey!

Guy 1: My girlfriend just broke up with me, my Mom died, & I just got evicted for my fucking house Bob. Don't ask me why I'm crying!
Bob: FYL.
by Shotta March 23, 2009
To Bang off is to ride or die for someone. The same idea as 50/50. Means I ride for you, you ride for me. Usually said when giving someone dap and pointing the index finger at them instead of keeping a closed fist. It's a symbol that you're really cool with someone, cool enough to ride for them. If you don't do that to someone or they don't do it back to you it's not disrespect, it just means they don't mess with you like that and that it's just a formal/polite shake.
1. Aight soldier, I'm outt, Bang Off.
2. That's my nigga Justin, it's Bang Off for him.
3. I Bang Off for my brother.
by Shotta August 24, 2007
1. Means "Stacks on Deck".
2. When used in an aggressive tone, it means "Swammies on Deck" or "Straps on Deck" aka "We Got Pistols, so don't play". (See Swammie) (Also used as the title for the new Tony Yayo mixtape with this meaning)
1. Soulja Boy Tell'em and the only one that got S.O.D. fool! Just look @ John McCain!

2. Oh, dude thinks he's funny. Wait till he comes out the club, we got S.O.D. waitin' for his ass.
by Shotta October 06, 2008
adjective. To be either...
1) Ugly
2) Fucked up (Drunk, high, etc.)
"Yo what'd you just get outta bed? You look furred as shit."
"Yos old ass shoes look hella furred."

Guy: "I was at this bomb party last night, and I smoked 11 blunts and drank a whole fifth of vodka to myself. I was super furred! I even woke up completely naked next to a dude! I was on some new shit!"
Friend: "FYL"
by Shotta April 30, 2009
polite way to say - bottom bitch; The one girl the pimp reserves for himself, or the player's favorite girl..
Your mom? Yeah that's my bottom b.
by Shotta January 10, 2010
being white and sexy at the same time
Yo's swexi as shit. Damn, I wish I could be rich and sexy like that too!
by Shotta September 23, 2009
Ball So Hard University.

Used in a sentence it to imply that one "balls hard"; in other words, one is very good at playing ball. Possible to use in a metaphorical sense as well.

Origin is Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Terrell Suggs.
"Suggs: Ball So Hard University"

"Dude, all the girls were on me last night. I showed my true BSHU colors, it reminds me of my college days!"

by Shotta November 08, 2011

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