FTW is an acronym that is commonly used by white supremacist, biker gangs, and social outcasts. It has many different interpretation depending where you stand on the ladder of society.

1. White supremacists interpretation of FTW is "Forever Trully White", indicating white pride. It's used as a billboard showing the world their belief that they are the "pure" blood. It is used by many racist gangs such as Skinheads, AB, NLR, etc. They usually will have "FTW" tattooed in a vesible area such as the hands/knuckles, forearms and neck.

2. The social outcasts, such as punks n' skins, (meaning the none racist skin which came out of the punk rock scene and originally trived in the ska and reagae scen) have a much different interpretation of the acronym FTW. To them it represents the ultimate fuck everyone. Used as sign of independence, and backed by the words "Fuck The World" which can be taken in many ways.

A. The first as in fuck societys rules, I'll live my life my own way, with true freedom.

B. And the second interpretation is that you just don't give a fuck about the world, nothing that doesn't directly affect you matters and if it does affect you it still doesn't matter, you just don't give a fuck about the world, therefore their mentality is,fuck em' all. Also used by a Psychobilly band Tiger Army in song titled "FTW" on the album TIGER ARMY II: POWER OF MOONLITE
released by Hellcat Records on July 24, 2001.

3. Also used by many bikers and biker gangs as a sign of rebelion. Used by gangs such as The Hells Angels. They also have a two part interpretation,to the bikers it means:

A. Forever Two Wheels, indicating that your a biker tell you die.

B. Also "Fuck The World" is the second (or first, however you want to look at it) meaning behind FTW. Since bikers traditionally are outcasts of society. Forced to do things on their own, they have developed a stong since of independence and not haveing to answer to anyone makes them free. Since these outcasts tend to lack communication and people skills that are required to function in society they develop a hatred for the world that doesn't understand them.

FTW is commonly used as marking of gang affilation.

Can also mean many otherthing to many other people and here is a list

Florida Tax Watch
Free The World
Fight To Win
For The Win
Future Technology Workshop
For The World
Free The Whales
Families That Work
Feel The Wind
First Time Wreck
Forget The World (A more polite way to say "Fuck The World". Could also hold alternate meaning if analyzed further)
example 1 - I hate everything, FUCK THE WORLD nothing matters

example 2 - (Farewell)
Biker A: Later, always ride hard and stay forever two wheels brother
Biker B: See you on the road, forever two wheels.
by Down n' Out Social Wreck March 09, 2005
Top Definition
"For The Win."

An enthusiastic emphasis to the end of a comment, message, or post. Sometimes genuine, but often sarcastic.

Originated from the game show Hollywood Squares where the result of the player's response is expected to win the game.
Bob: Your 1up t-shirt rocks
Sally: 1up t-shirts ftw.
by Zakko December 16, 2005
In biker gangs it meant Fuck the World,

but in online usage it mainly means For the Win.
When you see FTW, don't ever get a biker confused with a gamer or else you might be like "stfu n00b" and then get your face smashed in.
by Double_Daniel September 18, 2006
1. Fuck the world.
2. For the win.
3. What the fuck backwards
4. Free the whales
i hate everything, ftw!
by china ese November 18, 2007
FTW is an acronym which means "For the win"
"did you see the new ytmnd?"

"new ytmnd ftw =D!!1"
by ZT September 02, 2005
Spelling: FTW
(1)English Translation: Fuck the world.
-\Often used to express a feeling of depression/unacceptance/frusteration.

(2)English Translation: For the win.
-\A term which can be originated to a popular game show "HollyWood Squares" when , on the final move contestants would announce their move was "For the win".
-\Used oftenly when giving importance to a specific noun.(ei. "My computer, FTW")
-is better

(3) English Translation: What the fuck?
Originatiton: WTF, "l33tsp33k".
FTW: Intentional spelling error of the word wtf to emphasise confusion and bewildredness.
(WTF: See wtf)
(1) ei.
as a statement,"ftw."
also in a sentence, "What? A headshot!FTW!"

(2) ei.
as a phrase, "Chuck Norris, ftw."
as an adjective, "My new graphics card definitly is ftw."

(3) (see wtf)
by Jordan wright April 25, 2006
For The Win
Commonly used among geeks to express their enthusiasm for something, especially in IRC.
a) Cola is best
b) nope, Pepsi is way better
a) Cola FTW!
by BakkiZ August 31, 2005
For the Win
Used in online gaming, such as Everquest or World of Warcraft
Lvl 57 Battle Axe of the Moonslayer FTW!!!
by gmrgrrrl July 25, 2005
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