The acronym for the multi-purposed phrase 'Fuck that weak shit'.

Currently gaining popularity with on-line chat users and text messagers everywhere.
Anon: B gd 2 c u sumtime m8
Nap: You can only communicate via text-talk? FTWS! See ya never.

Anon: Hey did you see who won best British band at the NME awards?
Nap: What? The awards as sponsored by Shockwaves hair products, because image is more important than anything else? FTWS!
And shame on you for thinking I'd be interetsed. In fact, I'm dying of disinterest as I type... quick, call me an ambulance.

Anon: I'm really gutted that I can't make it tomorrow, but work is so frikkin' manic right now.
Nap: FTWS! Pull a sickie...

Anon: I'm a bit worried because I've just passed a very pale, soft, limp stool. What do you think I should do?

Nap: FTWS!
#fuck that weak shit #bollocks to that #fuck that #cut the crap #no way
by Nap February 27, 2008

Nerdfags need to go up to any outlaw biker and argue with him on how F.T.W. means "for teh win".

Bonus points if he has a F.T.W. tattoo.

PROTIP: make sure your insurance is up to date.
Don't like my definition?
Like I give a shit - FTW
#ftw #for #teh #win #fuck #the #world
by otherground March 29, 2009
1. If one is over 16 years old or not a geek, FTW is commonly associated with bikers and punks and should be interpreted as "Fuck The World"

2. In mountain biking culture it is commonly associated with frame builder extraordinaire and Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Nominee Frank Wadelton aka "Frank The Welder". FTW has built frames for Yeti, FTW Industries, Spooky, and is currently involved in the design and production of Sinister Bikes
1. "You may not want to get into it with that guy. His buddy has FTW tattooed on his forehead."

2. "My first MTB was a Yeti, and since then I've owned 4 frames built by FTW."
#ftw #yeti #spooky #sinister #biker #punk #tattoo
by Rev_Deadpan August 07, 2007
Originated as a biker term used in two contexts:

1. Forever Two Wheels. A validation of biker culture, values, and of course, bikes.

2. Fuck The World. A rejection of non-biker/traditional values/laws of any kind.

According to people who should know, the first was the true origin of the term.
From a Hell's Angel working security at a Grateful Dead concert, when (stupidly) asked about the meaning of his FTW tattoo: "Forever Two Wheels".

Has since been appropriated by and attributed to everything from Hollywood Squares (For the Win) to Greenpeace: (Free The Whales)etc, etc, ad infinitum.
#for the win #fuck the what #fock the what #wtfftw #free the whales
by badcd May 20, 2010
Abbreviation of 'For the Win', often used as a rallying cry in computer games, especially online games like World of Warcraft.
"Horde FTW!", as shouted by a WoW Horde player in a charge against Alliance.
by Jessycle August 23, 2005
FTW is an abbreviation used for many different meanings within different groups of people: 1. Online gamers: "for the win". 2. Bikers/Old Jailbirds: "fuck the world" or "forever two wheels". 3. Texters/Online kids: "fuck the what" which is what the fuck backwards. 4. Nazis/White Supremacists: "forever truly white". 5. Animal activists: "free the whales". 6. Stoners/Potheads: "free the weed". 7. Eastcoast/Eastsiders: "fuck the west/west side/ west coast" jus randomly: "fuck that whore", "forget the worst" "forget the war"....etc
FTW can pretty much mean almost anything depending on the person!
#ftw #f.t.w. #nazis #bikers #racists #gamers #tweens #potheads #treehuggers
by ejaynhtown86 August 17, 2010
FTW = Fuck The World
IDGAS FTW (I Don't Give A Shit, Fuck The World)!
#ftw #wtf #lol #omg #rofl
by Vaskistipioneeri May 03, 2007
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