Abbreviation of 'Fucking TalkTalk'.
Said so because TalkTalk is world renowned for being the shittest ISP in the world, often said when their connection disconnects (as per usual) every other minute.
<Fouldini> Hey man hows you?
<Daryl> Im good, you?
**Fouldini has disconnected**
<Daryl> Lol.
**Fouldini has connected**
<Fouldini> FTT.
<Daryl> xD
by MattDutton July 09, 2009
Top Definition
FTT is the abbreviation to the increasingly popular axiom "Fuck the tards", tards being Melbourne Victory supporters, coaches, players and generally anyone from Victoria who displays stupidity within the context of football.
We are playing the tards in 4 days, fire up!
by Coach_Larry August 03, 2010
For The Team.
"Aye bro can you be my DD?" "Yeah fashoo bro." "Ayee FTT."
by #FTT April 06, 2014
It means Full Toilet Training, its an S&M thing.
FTT Available to very naughty slaves...
by Dirty Alfred April 07, 2009
Fuck The Troll

esp joining an online game.
by qt1004eva January 23, 2013
forgive the tangent. coined by YouTube star, Michael Buckley, A.K.A. WhatTheBuck
*talking about sarah palin*
Guy 1: I just hate bumper stickers! I don't care if your kid is on the honor roll! FTT!
by guitargod1296 September 16, 2008
"for the team!"

for when youre not that #1 guy that gets to yell "FTW!", but damn sure helped the team win
"i killed like seven of those noobs before gordonFreeman capped the flag. i didnt get the point for the cap but FTT, man"
by 5835 October 04, 2009
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