Also known as a "Cleveland Steamer", it is when one person defacates onto another's body and is considered a sexual pleasure by those participating. This is a strange fetish.
The man was begging for the whore to give him a full toilet. He loves being crapped on.
by just plain me July 07, 2006
In Poker, it is the absolute worst hand possible. It is when you end-up with 3 black cards and 2 red cards, or vice-versa. There can be no pairs, a shit hand. Loses to a toilet flush and every other hand.
"i went all in with a full toilet and got blasted by a pair of 2s on the river"

"she took one look at my full toilet and disposed of it with her toilet flush to win the WSOP."
by Acebinkley July 27, 2005

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