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used to describe how to begin a song,most often during a rehearsal or other music-related practice.
"ah shit i messed up the transition to the bridge...FTT!"
by b-ri August 07, 2007
Fuck The Tides, also known as Fourteen To Three, also known as the year the tides got raped.
FTT baby, they're eating shit.
by peninsula seahawk September 28, 2006
Fullerton Toker Town
"I hear you can get the hook up in FTT for cheap!"
by GnarKill April 25, 2003
Abbreviation of 'Fucking TalkTalk'.
Said so because TalkTalk is world renowned for being the shittest ISP in the world, often said when their connection disconnects (as per usual) every other minute.
<Fouldini> Hey man hows you?
<Daryl> Im good, you?
**Fouldini has disconnected**
<Daryl> Lol.
**Fouldini has connected**
<Fouldini> FTT.
<Daryl> xD
by MattDutton July 09, 2009
Free to talk, often used in online instant messengers to check if a parent is there.
Dude1: Ftt
Dude2: yea parents not home
by Steven4545 February 06, 2009
Acronym used by MySpace kids and similarly "hip" scene youth meaning "Fight the Trend" or "Fuck the Trend."

Has become a trend itself.
She is so kicking rad; look her up on MySpace- her name is "hxcXsxeXgunsxbloodXkisskissbangbang FTT".
by Randy Ott October 22, 2006
Forgive the tangent.

A buckism. As in, from the WHATTHEBUCK show on youtube.
*says something irrelevant. FTT
by Suedenator September 05, 2008
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