"for the team!"

for when youre not that #1 guy that gets to yell "FTW!", but damn sure helped the team win
"i killed like seven of those noobs before gordonFreeman capped the flag. i didnt get the point for the cap but FTT, man"
by 5835 October 04, 2009
Forgive The Tangent, invented by Michael Buckley of WHATTHEBUCKSHOW on YouTube.
omj blah blahblah blah blah blah blah .....im sorry FTT
by adeeadee September 03, 2008
although commonly believed to mean "for the tie"
it actually means for the taco's.
mexican restraunt?
ftt?zomg yes!
by aleisterjoseph July 20, 2008
Fuck The Tides, also known as Fourteen To Three, also known as the year the tides got raped.
FTT baby, they're eating shit.
by peninsula seahawk September 28, 2006
For the tie, instead of for the win(ftw).
dude, rock ftw. metal ftw also. <-- WRONG
dude, rock and metal ftt. <-- CORRECT, they both win.
by unknownserv September 24, 2006
For The Tie, companion to FTW and FTL.

Goin into overtime, baybay!
by kbmusiclover September 21, 2006
Facebooking, Tweeting and Texting. The holy trinity of modern day social interactions. Used as a noun to describe a person's constant need to be on their cell phone.
John: The lines moving but the person in front of me is just standing there.

Ben: Give em a second they're FTTing.
by greenspartan May 04, 2011

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