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acronym for "fuck that fuckin' shit"
"I was going to mow the lawn, but FTFS."

"Cooking sounds like a terrible idea. FTFS, let's go to Taco Bell."
by Scuda Hindy March 14, 2009
Face to Face
I met up with Shaina, Buddy, Joe and Corey for a little FTF time.
by AutomaticAshley January 30, 2012
Fuck This Fucking Shit
Oh man, I just got pulled over for driving while black again, FTFS ...
by calexil January 28, 2014
Food Truck Fridays
are anybody up for FTFs?
by davidpoudel82 October 21, 2011
An acronym that stands for "For The Fellas" could be used as a question or a straight up statement. Usually used to peer pressure someone into something they would not normally do as you cannot say no when someone claims it is For The Fellas. This term is far superior to the commonly used "For The Boys".
Ron: Yo man, wheel that biddy over there!
Big Red: hell no, she looks like an undeveloped fetus
Ron: Do it FTF man!!
Big Red: FTF? alright man.

The Q: Yo, should i burn this cigarette on my arm?
Ron and Red: YESSS!!! FOR THE FELLAS!!!
The Q: I can't say no to that!

Red: Boys, gonna wheel this biddie FTF
The Boys: YEAHHH brooo!

Red: live and die For The Fellas
by CoachHalfCourt October 14, 2011
Fit To Fuck

Text slang generally between two guys chatting about a girl as a sex object.
Friend 1: should've come last night mate,
Friend 2: Why what did I miss?
Friend 1: Man! There was this fit bird, telling you she was FTF mate!
by Worldtotal June 08, 2011
Fuck thats Funny
Just watched the video with the girl that fell into the fountain while texting. FTF
by Daffy_Duck_1356 March 04, 2011