Acronym for "find that funny". Can also alternate between"find this funny (followed by colon)" and"found that funny". Used to express that one found humor in something w/o having to say or necessarily meaning that you are laughing or laughed out loud.

funny found this that humor laugh out loud laughing find
ftf: insert meme/video/phrase...

At work, a workshop took place on how to eat foods the right kind of way with the proper utensils and such. Everyone , under the guidance and instruction of our host was using a fork and a knife to eat their grilled chicken breast. Jerry showed up late, unaware of whats going on, fixed himself a plate, sat down and mauled his chicken ftf
#funny #find #found #laugh #humor
by TheShuraCrab June 09, 2013
acronym for "fuck that fuckin' shit"
"I was going to mow the lawn, but FTFS."

"Cooking sounds like a terrible idea. FTFS, let's go to Taco Bell."
#fuck it #give a shit #fuggit #fuggeddaboudit #get drinky
by Scuda Hindy March 14, 2009
Fuck thats Funny
Just watched the video with the girl that fell into the fountain while texting. FTF
#lol #lmao #funny #lauging out loud #fuck thats funny #funk that funny
by Daffy_Duck_1356 March 04, 2011
fail to feed. When a firearm fails to properly chamber (for many reasons) a round from magazine or clip. Generally referred to in relation to semi or full auto firearms.
question) why does my kel-tec always ftf?
answer) because kel-tec firearms suck the donkey dick.
#ftf #firearms #guns #weapons #fail to feed
by TheBlueMeanie January 06, 2009
Feel the Feels or Feel the Feels
1. Used in response to show empathy towards another's feelings.

2. To let someone know that something they said, did, or posted, made you feel an emotion.
Person: " I asked my daughter what she was thankful for and expected to hear dinosaurs or something. She said "I'm thankful for you momma!" My feels spilled all over the place!"

You: FTF
by TheGolgothan February 27, 2016
Fuck This Fucking Shit
Oh man, I just got pulled over for driving while black again, FTFS ...
#fuck #this #fucking #shit #abbreviations #internet #lingo
by calexil January 28, 2014
Food Truck Fridays
are anybody up for FTFs?
#food #truck #friday #deli #lunch #group
by davidpoudel82 October 21, 2011
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