Acronym for Fuck The French
"Michael Phelps is the bomb!"
"Yeah! F.T.F.!"
by Shadowbeaver December 23, 2008
FTF (fun team forever) is an acronym used to describe the most fun & dynamic team working at an NGO. It usually involves youth related initiatives.
What are you doing after work? FTF planned a happy hour...who would miss out on that?
by Vern SpeedRacer July 03, 2012
abbreviation for Fight The Fat
FTF starts tomorrow! Gotta work on the fitness!
by brenbren713 June 12, 2011
Fuck the Fans
Joe: The media is a bunch of fucking haters!
Steve: FTF, Bro! who gives a fuck what they think!
by NomadHalo February 27, 2011
fist to face
Joe: i swear that kid stole 50 cents from me....

Bob: ill go give him an ftf
by onewhodies November 10, 2010
For the future.
Bob's Girlfriend- Hey, Bob. You might need to know I prefer chocolate over flowers. FTF.
Bob- I'll take note of it.
by John Travalta October 02, 2011
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