See: Fucking the Dog Fucking the Dog
"Just put FTD on my timesheet for the last 4 hours"

by Dave Clark April 28, 2003
fallopian-tube-deep; the deepest possible position in a woman's vagina. Could be specified ftdl or ftdr (fallopian-tube-deep-right or fallopian-tube-deep-left).
Dude, I completely was ftd with Hannah last night.
by DRAAA August 18, 2012
Facebook Transmitted Disease

A friend posts a cool story, link or coupon on their mini-feed and it's too good to pass up. You click on the link, and not only is there NOTHING there for you, but now your facebook has been littered with "likes" from random places you didn't know. Yeah, instead of getting a free gadget/coffee/concert ticket/etc., you just got SPAMMED!
Hey Greg got a free Subway sandwich by pressing "like" on this page! I gotta get one! Wait... what?? There's no sandwich?? What's this on my facebook page? I didn't "like" that! Where is this coming from?? GREG WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?? Oh wait... it's a FTD.
by scoozers May 19, 2011
(n) A form of copypasta seen on Facebook. Acronym stands for Facebook Transmitted Disease. For most of them, their only purpose is to travel from wall to wall, replicating itself. Occasionally they will have a legitimate reason for existence, such as Breast Cancer Awareness week, and afterwards will continue to circulate long after the event they were promoting passed up.
Ugh, Jill is constantly getting infected with FTD's. Why can't she stop?
by Chuck Butts January 18, 2011
Acronym for first to die, which refers to the fist character to be killed in any horror film.
The naked female swimmer was FTD in Jaws.
by willit63 January 05, 2012
Fuck This Day
girl : worst day EVER . FTD
by dana101 August 27, 2011
Abbreviation for Food Transmitted Disease: any disease or illness characteristically transmitted by food contaminated by bacteria or toxins.
Sorry I can't come into work today. I have a bad case of FTD from last night.
by foodiemz January 08, 2011
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