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"Fresh To Death"
These new Nike's I just copped are FTD, but not as much as my Jordans.
by jiggaman212 February 02, 2010
(abv.) abbreviation for "Fuck The Dumb Shit".

1 - Expression used in the case when somebody is making a choice where the person makes the more intelligent of the options.
2 - Expression used to describe a state of mind where one does not let the small or pointless things affect them.
3 - Expression used to describe when somebody goes beast mode.
Johnny: Would you rather have a ham sandwich or a fillet mignon for lunch?

Chuck: FTDS! I'll take option 2!

Chuck: But Microsoft stock went down 2 points...

Johnny: FTDS. It doesn't matter. Let's get the fillets anyway.

Tim: I think Chuck and Johnny are currently fucking the dumb shit for lunch.
by Honest Johnny May 23, 2008
Facebook Transmitted Diseases - Viruses and hacks that you get on facebook and then instantly send to all of your other friends.
Have you seen the news feed today? People are spreading FTD's faster than the cast members of Jersey Shore on spring break.
by May 04, 2011
my rent check is due and i am need of be tending to my apartment and other obligations, but i am going to wind up hopefully getting at most 2 hours of sleep head down on my desk at work. FTD!
by GrimWorker March 02, 2010
Frontotemporal Dementia. formerly known as Pick's Disease is a dementia that initially attacks the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain, before spreading throughout the rest of the brain eventually causing death.
The US Social Security Administration now lists FTD as a condition which qualifies one for Social Security Disability payments.

My wife was laid off from her job at age 59, and shortly thereafter was diagnosed with FTD (Frontotemporal Dementia).
by TheMickster April 03, 2011
Acronym. Stands for 'Fuck the Dornier'. Used on social media, text messages but rarely spoken. It began being used so that passengers and non aviation personnel would not be aware you were annoyed with the aircraft, much like the acronym 'FML'

The phrase is used to describe a hardship at work relating to a fault or short coming of your aircraft.

The phrase is widely used amongst airline crew in relation to a hardship at work. It originated from crew operating the Dornier 328 aircraft but due to staff rotation to other operators the phrase has started to become widespread.
We are stranded in Gatwick, as the aircraft is broken, FTD.

Why do passengers bring such large bags on the aircraft, FTD.
by Sundsvall500 December 15, 2012
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