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FTB is the short form of FEED THE BIRDS.

Nathan Fillion, a brilliant actor, coined this famously popular original phrase. "FTB", or "FEED THE BIRDS", is used as a way to congratulate, or give props to someone. Here is its meaning as he describes it on his NathanFillion on Twitter page:

"This is the new High Five. It is called: FEED THE BIRDS."

Nathan Fillion, the extraordinarily talented, hot, handsome star of "Firefly", "Serenity", and "Castle", just to mention a few of the fine roles of this Emmy-winning performer, also says "Feed the birds" in his show "Castle".
Here are some of Nathan Fillion's quotes as examples: (FTB can be used in place of Feed the Birds).

Example #1:

Nathan Fillion: "Just did a Feed the Birds in episode three of Castle. Also, tried to squeeze in obscure Firefly reference. Bam, said the lady."

Example #2:

Nathan Fillion: "First, an Emmy, dinner with friends, wrap it up with @thedanband. Let's call it a perfect evening. Feed the birds." (FTB).

Example #3:

Nathan Fillion: "Interesting. Guest star was supposed to call me Castle, but instead called me Captain. Feed the birds." (FTB).

Example #4:

Nathan Fillion: "I saw so many of you have donated to the Children's Hospital Triathlon... I'm thrilled. And touched. Thanks. Really, really thanks... you. Feed the birds, all of you. Extra feed. Extra birds."

Example #5:

Query: When you say "Feed the birds", are you the feeder or the fed?

Nathan Fillion: "The person getting props gets fed."
by Kcat10 July 17, 2010
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stands for "For the Blog". A statement made when something happens that is blogworthy.
"did you hear what just happened? FTB!"

when someone does something stupid, you say FTB so you can write about it in your blog and laugh about it later.
by Idaho + Fiona October 12, 2007
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Short for "for the block," added on after something is "for the win." Opposite of ftw or "for the win." Implies that whatever is "for the win" isn't that great, or that the second option is better or makes more sense.

Derived from the game show "Hollywood Squares," where a celebrity picked "for the block" will prevent another from winning.
PERSON 1: Dude, I'm hungry.
PERSON 2: Burger King ftw!
PERSON 3: Uh, no, McDonald's ftb fool.
by heavyweightboxer September 02, 2007
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For the beat. Much like Ftw, or Ftl. Basically for all music lovers, like Techno.
"This techno song is so Ftb."
by Kennehhh June 17, 2008
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fuck the bullshit-

diamond life originated
man 1: yo you tryna go to that party?
man 2: nah that bitch is gonna be there
man 1: oh yeah, FTB
by DIAMOND LIFE February 07, 2011
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FTB- For the babes. Used to explain one's motivation for doing something.
"So why are you in a band? You can't even read music!"
"It's FTB man, it's FTB."
by Onstrike May 12, 2009
12 51
Full-Time Baller: Ballin' by nature,
addicted to the game like Jordan and Payton
Dude 1: That guy scored 45 points, had 22 rebounds, and 4 blocks.
Dude 2: What an FTB?
by Pretty Mama January 24, 2009
4 43
"For the block." Similar to ftw and ftl but used much more rarely.
Whoopi Goldberg ftb.
by mikeejimbo July 26, 2006
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