For the Bitch; a spin-off of "For the win".

Used when somebody says something that is funny but also pretty bitchy.
Jill: Jeff, your profile picture makes you look like a nerd.
Jeff: Wow, Jill FTB
by clax.m November 18, 2009
fuck that bitch
you: man that girl keep bothering me!!

me: man ftb
by kidd roc April 19, 2010
We cant tell u. Partners in crime Masterchuk,Moosepie, and Il Eroe
FTB, "Where the cash at", Your garbage, Were better than you and get over it,Panzy.
by The real real definition July 08, 2009
a woman who wipes her butt from front to back, avoiding poopycooch and thereby being considered suitable for cunnilingus
Jason said his girlfriend was a poopycooch BTF and I told him to ditch that skank and get himself a FTB
by Ugly Dave September 28, 2007
short for Fuck That Bitch
Guy: Hey, I heard you and your gf broke up. :o

Other guy: Yeah... FTB!!!!!!!!
by rdizzle702 March 15, 2010
From the back
dogs do it FTB
by gloKC4FANz September 01, 2008
For The Bin
is the opposite of For The Win or FTW to show not-likingness of something
person 1:Mcfly FTW!!
person 2:nahhh mcfly iz ftb man!
person 1:you is messed brother
by AlexLovesDougie October 28, 2006

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