As in Fun Time Baby
Stephanie "Did you have a good time at the party?"
Jonn "Yes it was FTB!"
by Neallie June 22, 2011
For the Bacon/Bread
Person 1: Yo I went F.T.B all weekend bruh
Person 2:Real Ish
by Tommysun21 April 01, 2011
New text and email acronym/phenomenon for the phrase "Fucking Tool Box". A "Fucking Tool Box" is a super moron. The words Moron, Stupid Ass and Idiot just don't "POP" like "Fucking Tool Box" does. Of course, when texting and emailing, you don't want to spell out the whole phrase "Fucking Tool Box" so you just type in "FTB". Also comes in handy if you are around little ones (not midgets but kids) or ladies and you have to express what a dumb ass someone is but you have to keep it on the down low.
Text: I am going to meet Leonard at the bar for a drink.
Text Response: Leonard is a FTB! OMG, what R U thinking?

A person is walking in a store parking lot smack dab in the middle of the lane you are driving down and he just keeps walking as if you are not there. You turn to your girl and ask her, "What's wrong with this FTB"?

Text: Don't go to Walmart in the hood on Sunday afternoons?
Text Response: Why not?
Text Response: A bunch of FTBs all over the place
by Disco Danny January 24, 2011
Stands for 'Fuck The Bus', what you say when you'd rather walk or drive somewhere than sit next to randoms on the bus.
Guy 1: Hey lets catch the bus there
Guy 2: Nah man FTB, i dont want to sit next to hobos
by Solid Snake NZ July 08, 2010
'For The Bants' - literally doing something for the sheer banter, or to achieve later banter with fellow banter seeking colleagues.
Eric: Here, why don't we get plastered tonight, you know, FTB?

by Calum yiken? April 25, 2009
fat tited bitch
that girl waz a fta
by Krazy K April 19, 2003
fuck these bitches
"man ftb,i swear i care about everything but these bitchess *" -- wayne
by Skinnie Minne May 16, 2010

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