Stands for "Friends Stand United." A hardcore crew formed in South Boston. Now a nationwide movement. Known for vicious acts of violence against racist groups and any who oppose straight edge. Listed as a gang unit in many cities. Some say it lacks structure and balance. Some stand by their FSU roots.
FSU Nation ain't nothin' to fuck with.
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by FSUNAT1ON November 10, 2010
Friends Stand United: A group, although some call them a 'gang', of friends that will always back each other up, especially in a fight. Most FSU members share interests in hardcore/metal music, are straight edge, and love to fight. FSU is currently the most popular and strongest hard-core/metal groups in America.

Originally started by Elgin James and friends in Boston, MA; FSU (sometimes known as Friends Stand United, but began as Fuck Shit Up) in violent response to the number of Neo-Nazi skinhead hate groups on the rise across the country. Outnumbered by Nazi skinheads, and other street gangs FSU compensated with viciousness and mob fights which eliminated the skinhead problem. However, this violence has gotten them banned from many venues for fear of fighting.

To date there are FSU chapters in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

Common mottos for the group are:

"Where friends don't let friends stand alone"
Hey man don't start shit with those FSU guys becuase they will not back down.
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by jwnhhs March 15, 2009
Fuck Shit Up
Chris: dude rebels FSU
Chris: Dude we are going to FSU
#fuck #shit #up #pussy #vagina
by bozdmag1 June 06, 2009
It stands for Florida State University. It's a college located in Tallahassee, Florida, and it's comprised mostly of hot brain-dead chicks who are DTF, and UF rejects.
I just got my UF rejection letter today. I guess I'm going to FSU then.
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by Big Freeze UFL February 03, 2010
Boston hardcore crew originating in circa 1991 out of the ashes of the dying Boston hardcore scene and the fall of earlier crews like the S.T.A.F.F Skins and The Scooby-Doo Posse. Chapters in Portland, ME and then Upstate NY were added in the mid and then later 1990s. Currently, in 2005, FSU has grown to absorb other crews nationwide, including Tek-9, Doom Family, OBHC, and Most hated Skins, amongst others, and has set chapters in Philly, NJ, Seattle, Chicago, Nor Cal, and LA. FSU has strong ties to the Outlaw Motorcycle Club due to Boston members moving into the world of 1%ers. FSU is on par with the other major hardcore crews DMS and CTYC but shows a more dominant presense nationwide and has a reputation for action and not hype. Lesser hardcore crews such a Courage Crew, etc. are not of the same caliber in reputation or intent.
"The FSU Crew is the very heart of Boston after dark."
by JWB August 15, 2005
FSU (Friends Stand United) is a group/gang/crew that was formed in Boston Massachusetts in the late 80's that was originally made to kick the racism and Nazi's out of the Hardcore music scene.
The unifying idea of FSU was more than to get rid of Racism and Nazi's. It was all about loyalty and brotherhood; Some of the ethos of the Hardcore scene. A real tight band of brothers that always stick together and always look out for one another.
FSU being one of the most notorious and infamous hardcore crews of today. Being banned from clubs, bars, and venues for the things they stand for are seen to be "violent", "nasty", and "disrespectful".
With nationwide chapters in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Seattle, Chicago, Nor Cal, and Los Angeles. Including bands like Righteous Jams(Boston), Shattered Realm(Fort Lauderdale), Furious Styles(Seattle), Death Before Dishonor(Boston), Ramallah, Donnybrook(L.A.), Blood Stands Still(L.A.), and others.
FSU which was formed as a crew to single-handedly kick the nazi-skinheads out of Boston. But today, a crew of hardcore fans who stick up for each other at shows and dont take shit from anybody.
"G Whiz. Those FSU guys sure do get an awful rowdy in the pit. And I sure am sick of getting punched in the face."

"CHEESE AND RICE! did you see that skinhead get beat up by 4 dudes?! yikes! sucks to be him!"
#brotherhood #boston beatdown #friends stand united #hardcore #anti racist.
by NWJx206 February 16, 2008
when you are getting your dick sucked and your about to bust a load, you slap the bitch in her face. She will look to the side and looks right back at you saying what the fuck. You than bust a load in her face and say i FSU or Fuck Shit Up.
when i asked derek how the party went last night with lisa he just answered i Fucked Shit Up FSU. I understood what he meant and walked away laughing.
#bitch #i own shit #dont what the fuck me #stop complaining #i didnt meen to bust a load synonym
by Pat Maygroyne May 09, 2009
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