An acronym for "Fuck Shit Up" or "Fucking Shit Up" in which a group of people engage in stupid and reckless activities
Fucking shit up may also include low-key things such as: Chilling with your friends, smoking weed in a tent, or loitering around your neighborhood shopping center with other people who have nothing better to do.
This acronym may be used when one wishes to appear as if they have a life, have a life resembling that of the movie "Jackass" or in any situation in which something crazy and out of the ordinary for that particular group occurs.
fuck shit party joint jackass
Under aged Guy 1: Wanna FSU tonight?
Under aged Guy 2: yeah man, i got some beer and bunnies, lets go down to the Safeway and kick it
Under aged Guy 3: won't we got caught by the cops?
Under aged guy 1: Nah' man, we're just FSU'ing.
by shakiracat September 02, 2013
Former Soviet Union
Falling in Love with a woman from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or other FSU country.
by powertyrell April 03, 2010
a murderous gang in minnesota
known for stabing , jumping , just a very feared gang in minnesota
members are estimated to be 100+
if you see a fsu member , step directly out of the way , do not make eye contact and dont not speak
by the don tho December 05, 2010
Fuck Shit Up
Dude we are playing Dallas today

Yo man FSU
by wafootball March 31, 2010
fuck shit up
fuck stuff up

you can come up with a million things. bit the main one is fuck shit up.

used when you don't really want to cuss because adults ate around or someone who doesn't wish to cuss
our teams stuff got messed up so fsu'd the other teams stuff
by butterflier95 March 20, 2010
to fuck shit up
lets go fsu after the party
by onuhhetah February 28, 2010
Remember the movie Step Brothers? Possibly the funniest movie ever created. In the movie they said "lets fuck shit up." FSU is an easier acromyn for the term "fuck shit up." Use this term to say your about to party, or just do anything awesome or fun.
We're about to FSU tonight.

Let's FSU at this party.
by ttimenikka June 15, 2010

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