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Boston hardcore crew originating in circa 1991 out of the ashes of the dying Boston hardcore scene and the fall of earlier crews like the S.T.A.F.F Skins and The Scooby-Doo Posse. Chapters in Portland, ME and then Upstate NY were added in the mid and then later 1990s. Currently, in 2005, FSU has grown to absorb other crews nationwide, including Tek-9, Doom Family, OBHC, and Most hated Skins, amongst others, and has set chapters in Philly, NJ, Seattle, Chicago, Nor Cal, and LA. FSU has strong ties to the Outlaw Motorcycle Club due to Boston members moving into the world of 1%ers. FSU is on par with the other major hardcore crews DMS and CTYC but shows a more dominant presense nationwide and has a reputation for action and not hype. Lesser hardcore crews such a Courage Crew, etc. are not of the same caliber in reputation or intent.
"The FSU Crew is the very heart of Boston after dark."
by JWB August 15, 2005
Term originating in Cambridge, MA in the late 1990s due to a overhearing of a black teenager's inability to pronounce the word "commodity" in a high school classroom. Used by kids when mocking or exaggerating how urban blacks speak.
"C'mo titty!" or "C'mon titty!"
by JWB August 15, 2005
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