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An attractive female who hangs around gay males.
The same as a fag hag but attractive.
Grace is such a fruit fly.
by BAH March 26, 2004
Normally found in between the legs or around the waist of a elderly woman who's cherry has not been popped
Dude, look at all of those fruit flies coming out of her zipper!
by doucheyfatsack August 06, 2008
A female between the age of 13-27 that has a relationship with one or many gay men. A fruit fly has the capability of having relationships with heterosexual men, and doesn't have to have a gay man by her side 24-7.
"Were you going to tell me that you were gay before or after you found out I'm a fruit fly?"
by Concha January 08, 2004
One who is either silly, stupid, or just acting ghey. Also: one that may not be leading a long life, if they keep up their behaviour. May be used either as a slanderous term or one of affection.
If Jeff Hardy were any more of a fruitfly, he'd probably make us all cry.
by Rev. Killjoy April 23, 2003
A person of either gender who hangs out with homosexuals due to the fact that they are gay and seldomly for any other reason. This differs from fag hag as a hag and her fag have a true friendship.
The fag and his hag desperatly attempted to ditch the fruit flies at the club.
by c is for clam hat January 06, 2005
A straight (not strait) man that hangs with a gay man with an unparralled sense of style....
YO! Fruit Fly! Those jeans are tight! They musta been from your fag friend.....
by JT & MP September 09, 2005
an annoying person.(named for an insect that lays It's eggs in fruit)
Leave me alone you little fruit fly.
by Light Joker September 13, 2004
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