A fruit fly can also be a person of either gender who hangs out gay men and/or lesbians.

Basically a unisex fag hag.
Jesse goes to Pride every year, he's such a fruit fly.
by Mr. F. May 19, 2009
an extremely sexy nexopia star found in paaf that loves photography and ex bf of now dyke, prettypride.
jill: did you see fruitflys latest thread in paaf? omg he is soooo sexy, idk why prettypride switched to vags.

by rae.is.totally.awesome December 22, 2008
A straight Male that hangs out with lesbians.
Fag hags get one term, straight males have there own when they hang out with Lesbians.

Hey that guy is a fruit fly.
by JBronc May 14, 2011
A woman who is (unwittingly) attracted to gay men (especially closeted ones).
Cera: I can't believe he's gay! We dated for a month!
Suzy: I'm so sorry honey.
Cera: This is the fourth time this has happened!
Suzy: Well, you have to admit, you're a bit of a fruit fly.
by jehseh December 27, 2009
A woman who leads her gays. A fag hag is a woman who follows her gays. A clear example can be found at www.fruitflylife.com
"I feel awkward using a woman's restroom at this gay bar. Only a fag hag would need the privacy. A fruit fly does not mind pissing in front of horny naked gay men."
by courtney nichols September 21, 2008
the act of grabbing your dick and balls and turning them upside down. it resembles a fruit fly. while you have a fruit fly you must make a fly like noise while a unexpecting person looks at it.
"Dude i wipped out a fruit fly on Zack last night and he wouldnt look away."

"wow what a fag"
by asian nips July 04, 2010
true definition is an annoying woman who hangs around gay men solely because they are gay and therefore her fashion accessory

all of the other definitions here are simply fag hags - the crux of a fruit fly is they are annoying and will not leave you alone
ever since QAF we can't go anywhere without attracting that fruit fly
by batboynl September 01, 2009

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