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A totally cool chick. She's just like a Sarah, but minus the proper spelling. She's artsy and original and loves music. A total babe, not that she'd ever admit it. Kind of a hippy, but what do you expect from a girl named after a dinosaur?
Guy 1- Hey, who's that cool, artsy babe over there?

Guy 2- Who Cera? Isn't she hawt? Too bad she can't spell....
by Slick SP February 02, 2010
the female triceratops in the children's movies "The Land Before Time"
"come on cera! we have to save chomper!"
by maroo August 24, 2006
A crazy awesome, loyal friend. Ceras may seem a bit pushy or headstrong, but anyone who knows them knows that that is just their way of being friends. Ceras are really loyal, and will always be there for you when you need them. They can be trusted to keep your secrets and defend you against your true problems. The best definition of a cera would probably be: tough love. Ceras are very attractive, and are more artsy and spontaneously creative than Sarahs. They also have an irrational fear of getting in trouble.
hey, you know cera?
yeah, she totally is an awesome person, really funny!
Well, she is always there when you really need her. A great and loyal friend.
by Helena Young February 27, 2013
ceras usually look like men. they have long mustaches and long hair with sidebangs.
dude, she looks like a cera!
by IAMACOOLKID December 04, 2008
a smart pretty girl with a great personality smart outgoing can be shy . a great athlete and a great friend and very sexy.
Girl " is that Cera she is so nice"
Guy "she is looking sexy'
by CC FORTNER May 15, 2016
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