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A fake pants boner. When your slacks hitch up around your groin and it looks like you have a boner when you don't.
Everybody was laughing at David during the Super Bowl; he had an FBP.
by andy1 July 16, 2005
First posted by. When reposting an article of interest for your entire Facebook group, this courteously gives credit to your friend who originally posted the article.
Obama Inauguration Speech Ruined By Incessant Jackhammering

Comment: Good stuff. FPB Mike Mathei.
by tokyoai January 21, 2009
Fat Pussy Bitch, a really fat chick who wears those spandex pants that she really shouldn't wear.
That FPB from work made us move 3 sofas and 5 tables
by Warehouse Minion September 20, 2011
Abbreviation for Fine Pristine Bitch; alt. Fine Pristine Babe. Applies only to girls who meet these requirements:

1. Outstanding body
2. Not a dipshit

(For girls who fit the first requirement but not the second, see DJS)
Guy 1: "Check out that ass! I bet Sheila's a savage in the sack!"
Guy 2: "Yeah, but it's not all about the sex with her. We can talk for hours about particle physics."

Guy 1: "Wow! Sounds like you scored with a major FPB!"
by BadManThomas September 13, 2011
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