The man is FOS (original meaning) ... he does not deserve the FOS.
by MIT-GUY August 11, 2012
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Fuck On Sight. An acronym used by two friends to describe a person who they see who they would like to instantly fornicate with on sight.
Two guys are walking when they see a really hot gurl and one gay says to another FOS? And the other gentleman nods in unison.
by Ilovecurry April 14, 2010
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Word used to describe a person that quiet often doesnt tell the truth, or in other words is "full of shit"

Also known as a "Fossi"

Guy 1: "I once used a cat as a soccer ball"
Guy 2: "ahuh, you're FOS"

by J!M! June 26, 2008
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this is a shorter term for "Flap Of Skin". a flap of skin is someone in your group of friends whom you may consider the "loser" or the person who you only hang around with for a certain reason, that reason not perticulary meaning you enjoy their company.

it could also mean someone with NO private parts.
" Kris has no vagina"

"She is but a Flap Of Skin!"

"I couldn't concentrate when the FOS was talking to me, she annoys me to much."
by i heart flap of skin July 12, 2009
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An acronym that stands for: Full of Shit. pronounced "Faas"(long a sound), used do descirbe a statment from someone who is a habitual liar or bullshitter
Johnathan: Yeah i got my hot asian fiancee pregnant...
Everyone else: FOS FOS FOS!!!
by Apoo7 December 11, 2008
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Flowers over snitchs, found in a lil wayne song
by BALLIN!! December 12, 2007
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Friend Over Shoulder
the person (friend or acquaintance) who is always just around when you are having a conversation
"Shh...he might hear you!"
"Are you kidding?! The FOS doesn't know what the fuck is going on in this world"
by smoke weed every day January 04, 2009
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