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Japanese all-purpose curse word.
kuso! - shit/damn!
kuso-yarou! - fucking idiot!
by bastardface October 21, 2004
1)a) Villain from Shakespeare's Othello.

b) anyone who conspires behind the backs of and manipulates others.

2) Jafar's parrot from Aladdin, voiced by Gilbert Godfried.
Dude's a bit of an Iago; he switches his story depending on who he's talking to.
by bastardface October 21, 2004
1) Friggin' Awesome Shit.

2) Friggin' Awful Shit.
meaning varies according to situation. yeah, it doesn't make sense, but at least 2 or 3 people I know have used it.
by bastardface October 21, 2004

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