When one senses the arrival of a fart, allowing it a safe exit route through the bowels, but the fart is really poop disguised as a fart, resulting in shat pants.

Foop is a more widely accepted alternative to the word shart, a word made famous by the movie "Babysitter," starring actor Jonah Hill.
Friend: "I don't really feel like going into the pool right now, guys."
Friend's Friend: "Why not, bro? Just use your boxers instead of trunks!"
Friend: "Well I would, except I had a wicked foop the other day."
Friend's Friend:"..."
by will8898 July 09, 2012
Falsificated orders of police- when a police officer falsifies documents or verbal orders to incriminate an idividual or fellow officer
The Detective is known as a f.o.o.p after the perp won the case, now he's in reveiw..

The officer was striped of his badge when he was caught f.o.o.p.ing paper work.
by Detective dick harry November 02, 2010
where you are going to fart, but you accidentally poop.
(see shart)
did you hear? Marissa actually fooped!
by in_the_lalaland August 29, 2010
A drum and bass dj from southeastern CT.
Yo, foops be killin it with those spicy tracks!
by foops4eva March 04, 2011
To masturbate using one's own fecal matter (poop) as lubricant.
"Nick is addicted to fooping, he really needs to stop"
"Hey do you foop?"
by Nat likes dick February 11, 2013
The evil opposite of Cosmo and Wandas baby Poof on Fairly odd Parents. Foop is square and blue. He loves total domination although he never gets it.
Foop tried to kill the world again but Poof saved us.
by Biofag July 13, 2011
F.O.O.P Fear Of Operational Procedure- Medical term coined by doctors in the admitting room for patients afraid of surgery..and become hysterical or anxious..
1.Nurse are u aware of the foop patient in the admitting room..
2. Call security there was a foop on the 3rd level that is causing hysteria
by Michelle R.N November 02, 2010
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