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A Cross Between A Fart And A Poop!
I Thought I Had To Pass Gas, But I Fooped!
by The Original One March 03, 2008
verb \ˈfüp\

1. Overexcited or overreacting state

2. A subconsciously real feeling that one consciously knows is an exaggeration of the real ramifications of ones state

3. Often used to describe crankiness or suboptimal feelings

4. A state of being overly anxious or giddy
ex1: I was fooping all day after getting a C+ on my Math test

ex2: Cute boy from class just texted me to hang out this weekend. Can't stop fooping about it!

More examples on thefoopcampaign.blogspot.com
by thefoopcampaign.blogspot.com April 11, 2011
A word that can be used for anything and everything.
by BETHH&&LEXYY July 10, 2008
the accident of pooping when you are only expecting a fart while on the toilet. This is commonly mistaken for a shart..but a foop is in the toilet, not in your pants.
I was not expecting my foop today.
by A Trainer August 29, 2008
The sound the penis makes as it leaves the anal cavity. Said to sound much like blowing across the top of a bottle.
"Its time to get the Foop going"
by Joneeee January 12, 2008
A combination between the words fuck and poop. It's more sophisticated than fuck, but not as juvenile as poop. Generally used to express shock or disdain.
Mel-"People are actually reading our entry!"
Maggie-"Really? What the foop?!"


Johnny- "Man, I got an F on the test! What the foop?!"
by thehoodedmongeese September 06, 2009
1. Someone who is a complete failure at life, or at a specific thing. Someone who is often incoherent, and nonsensical.
2. A tool.
3. A thing that is useless beyond comprehension.
1. Teacher: Stacy, what is the square root of 16?
Stacy: Uh, 2?
Mark: Stacy, you are such a flippin' foop.

2. Plumber 1: Can I borrow your monkey wrench, Plumber 2?
Plumber 2: Sure thing.
Plumber 1: These nuts wont twist! This monkey wrench is such a foop.
by poodge July 10, 2008
Noun: An enormous crotch bulge. When someone has so much fat on their stomach that it falls below the line of their hoo ha or yoo hoo
That girl has the biggest foop I've EVER SEEN!
by ssorc March 16, 2008