A Cross Between A Fart And A Poop!
I Thought I Had To Pass Gas, But I Fooped!
by The Original One March 03, 2008
A feeling poop. The act of masterbating while pooping, prior to pooping, or before pooping.
Dude I just took such a nice foop.
by BigDickBallla925 September 21, 2011
verb \ˈfüp\

1. Overexcited or overreacting state

2. A subconsciously real feeling that one consciously knows is an exaggeration of the real ramifications of ones state

3. Often used to describe crankiness or suboptimal feelings

4. A state of being overly anxious or giddy
ex1: I was fooping all day after getting a C+ on my Math test

ex2: Cute boy from class just texted me to hang out this weekend. Can't stop fooping about it!

More examples on thefoopcampaign.blogspot.com
by thefoopcampaign.blogspot.com April 11, 2011
A word that can be used for anything and everything.
by BETHH&&LEXYY July 10, 2008
the accident of pooping when you are only expecting a fart while on the toilet. This is commonly mistaken for a shart..but a foop is in the toilet, not in your pants.
I was not expecting my foop today.
by A Trainer August 29, 2008
The sound the penis makes as it leaves the anal cavity. Said to sound much like blowing across the top of a bottle.
"Its time to get the Foop going"
by Joneeee January 12, 2008
A combination between the words fuck and poop. It's more sophisticated than fuck, but not as juvenile as poop. Generally used to express shock or disdain.
Mel-"People are actually reading our entry!"
Maggie-"Really? What the foop?!"


Johnny- "Man, I got an F on the test! What the foop?!"
by thehoodedmongeese September 06, 2009
1. Someone who is a complete failure at life, or at a specific thing. Someone who is often incoherent, and nonsensical.
2. A tool.
3. A thing that is useless beyond comprehension.
1. Teacher: Stacy, what is the square root of 16?
Stacy: Uh, 2?
Mark: Stacy, you are such a flippin' foop.

2. Plumber 1: Can I borrow your monkey wrench, Plumber 2?
Plumber 2: Sure thing.
Plumber 1: These nuts wont twist! This monkey wrench is such a foop.
by poodge July 10, 2008

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