Fystem Of A Down
Hey, did you hear FOAD's new CD?
by QCash July 04, 2009
A cryptic word in which a person or a group of people are told to fuck off and die
Hey dude, you are soo mean, just leave me alone and FOAD!
by chicago andy January 24, 2007
Fuck Off And Die
If I were you, I would FOAD!
by GSG60 October 23, 2010
acronym for "fuck off and die"
Some asshole was bothering me and I told him to foad!
by funny fellas January 12, 2014
1) FOAD, stands for fuck off and die. If you yell it at a person repeatedly, and they find out try using this suggestions;

2) Your date: F-friendly O-optimistic A-awesome D-date
3) Your dad: F-friendly O-optimistic A-awesome D-dad
4) And anyone else whose name starts with a D.
1) FOAD, cock sucker, mother fucker, two ball bitch!
2) Baby, I wish you'd FOAD! You keep raggin' on me about how much time I spend with my friends.

3) I hate you, Dad! You are such an ignorant prick! FOAD! FOAD! FOAD!
4) FOAD, Dave!
by picoputt May 31, 2015
Fuck Off And Die (pronounced Foh-add)
by Rory May 18, 2003
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