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Acronym for "fuck off and die."
This is a fun thing to say to the people who proselytize to atheists. :) "FOAD" riles up the fundies, that's for sure. XD
by Strife767 May 29, 2006
fuck off and die you stupid fucking nooblar bitch
foad mutha fuka FOAD!
by seth December 22, 2004
Abbriviation for "Fuc* off and die"
person2:Thats right, you better FOAD
by DBL-A smith October 15, 2005
foad can be adjective and subjective.. its pretty fucked/fumle
Stop being such a foad!

Its a foad in the ass/its a pain in the ass..

omq what have you done to your'selve ? you look like foad
by CHINGALIING November 06, 2006
Acronym for "Fuck off and Die", used by 31337 m07h3rfuck3rs like m3!
"STFU, FOAD, kthx."
by Chuck Whitby December 02, 2002