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Pronunciation: eff.em.ease

Def: This is an abbreviated way of saying "Fuck Me Eyes" on the d/l.

History: First invented at an amusement park in Northern Cali (circa 1990) as a polite way to speak in front of guests with offending any innocent bystanders.
Mechanic 1: "Dude, I made eye contact w/ that hottie"
Mechanic 2: "Sweet dude, did she give you FMEs?"
by CITH March 23, 2006
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Fuck My Existance.

*Variation on the term FML, or Fuck My Life.
"I'm depressed, I can't decide what to do with my life, and every thing else is going wrong. FME."
by feykensense March 26, 2009
F.M.E: the fuck me eyes
a guy/girl looks at you on that special way
by george mcdade June 02, 2005

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