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Pronunciation: eff.em.ease

Def: This is an abbreviated way of saying "Fuck Me Eyes" on the d/l.

History: First invented at an amusement park in Northern Cali (circa 1990) as a polite way to speak in front of guests with offending any innocent bystanders.
Mechanic 1: "Dude, I made eye contact w/ that hottie"
Mechanic 2: "Sweet dude, did she give you FMEs?"
by CITH March 23, 2006
2 people, mainly a dude and a chix, pressed tight against one another in a way that their hotspots (genitals) are makin' contact. This usually happens during intimate kissing and hugging. It can be standing up or sitting or laying down but is usually with clothes still on. Not dryhumping, just as it says, "Pressed up"
dude: damn we got all pressed up 2day, that wuz hawt
chix: god i wanted to grind u today
by CITH March 08, 2006
1. Literal def: Love to love to love you. (an excited exageration of love or excess physical attraction expressed between dudes and chix's)

1a. A quick and short assed way of saying "I love to love to love you".
1b. aka the chat/or song style: Luv 2 luv 2 luv ya. Populated primarily by artist Timberland in favor of his favorite tort,Miss E misdemeanor Elliot.
1a. Dude: Sup sw33t thang, l2l2lu!
Chix: OMFG, will u rox0r my b0xor?

1b. Timberland: "...love 2 love 2 love ya..."
Missy E: "It's my window, I can't stand da rain..."
by CITH March 08, 2006
brought in an "ultimate" way. Usu. as in sex or fighting, or anything related to sex and fighting.

dood: and now i'm about 2 roxor u boxor even harder
chix: bring it
dude: and it will b brought!!!
chix: babe, u brawt it from "Hello".
by CITH March 31, 2006
n. A 1337 way of saying "Sexor" or "Sexy" or "Sex". Typically meaning the act of sex or one who is proficiently good at having mind-blowing sex.
Babe: Hon, I wanna lick, smack it, and RUB IT DOWN!!!
Hon: Babe, u r teh s3xor!
by CITH May 23, 2006
1. Plain and simple, the penis or the vagina.
2. The erogenous zones that constitute ones definition of personal sense of erotica.
Girl: I felt ur hotspot when we pressed up today babe.
Guy: This dick was meant 4 u baby!
by CITH March 08, 2006

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