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fuck life in general
''i stacked in a mud puddle infront of the whole of my year, fml
#fml #fuck life #fuck it #allow it #cba
by devstar (+bails) December 06, 2009
A name for people that are fat, ugly, pigs. Mostly used to describe bitches that want attention.
If those fligs are going to tell a story, they better tell it right!
#attention-whore #bitch #liar #slut #trashy
by Bishe July 12, 2011
A boy/man who cums to early during intercourse and/or cannot stay with a woman for a long ammount of time.
Woman: Ok, lets get started.
Man: Ok
*Places Penis in Vagina*
Woman: Ummm
Woman: What!?!?!?!


Woman: OMG Your a flig
#dumped #cumming #sex #penis #vagina
by Joe.T December 03, 2005
Abbreviation of Fligmunch, popular yet misunderstood being!
What the fuck are you doing flig?
by Pelo April 20, 2005
Abbreviation of Fligmunch, a noun describing someone who wears grey tracksuit bottoms, trainers and a Superman t-shirt to school.
There's big Flig!

Fuck sake where's Flig?
by Pige April 19, 2005
Flig Means he iz dumb stupid and gay
(Dick):How are u?
(Fanny):shut the fuck up u flig
by Addman November 06, 2004
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