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The true shoes of real Gz, now forgoten in time only to be seen on the inner covers of dead rap stars CDs!!
Also FILA stop making bomb ass trainers i guess they had there reasons.
They can also be worn with Versach pants for real class.
If you ever had a pair of ripawayz you'll know what I mean.
Yo dogg you dont have to tie them laces.... Your fronting FILAz
by RyanFrancis August 05, 2004
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lil john-forever i love atlanta
by deepsouth March 14, 2004
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FILA, an Italian shoe and sportswear brand. Often considered more classy than Adidas or Nike, with shoes often sporting suade or nuboc. Clothes in the FILA brand are cheaper alternitaves to Nike sportwear, with prices in the 15-30 dollar range. Also refered to as FILAS, FILA ITALIA, ITALIA.
FILA Italias are the most popular style of shoes, available in suade or sneaker.
by Greenandgold June 29, 2009
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Term used to describe Atlanta.
Lil scrappy song-FILA
by Prez_AKA_Babyboi August 05, 2005
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F - Feel
I - In
L - Ladies
A - Ass
I was at the mall and I just wanted to FILA!
by exrev May 10, 2009
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One of the hottest shoes of 2004......Fila finally desided to start making more shoes and came out with the gangtas shoe rip away shoe..........they are everywhere.....
Man I just copped me a pair of Bapes and FILAz yesterday.
by Z-Ro Jr. January 04, 2005
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