Fall in love again
I just wanna fall in love, can can you make me fall in love again (F.I.L.A)
by x Beautifull M July 04, 2010
F.I.L.A., "Forever I Love Atlanta", said in the song "F.I.L.A. by Lil' John and Lil' Scrappy" since they are both from the ATL.

F.I.L.A. as in the shoes, also stands for "Finally I Left Adidas".
man #1: Damn! how come you wearing F.i.l.a.'s?
man #2: Dude! I gotta REPRESENT Maan!
by Sick Trick March 18, 2007
The description of something very tacky, cheap and asian looking, it comes from the idea that Fila is the cheapest, tackiest sports brand. It can be used with other tacky sports brands such as "diadora" or "Gola"
It can be applied to any object include people, cars and clothes.

Origin: O.P Kent & M. Sparavalo 2011
United Kingdom
"Look at that girl shes so cheap looking"
" yeah you're right she pretty Fila"

"Those shoes are Fila mate!"
"yeah i got them from southall"

"Oh god this car is Fila!"
"It's just a white skoda......"
" Oh i suppose it's more Didadora then"

"How do you rate this party on a scale of Lonsdale to Fila!"
"well there are not hot girls so.... FILA!"
by O.P Kent February 13, 2011
used to refer to a female (like chick)
Hey look at that fila across the street.
by saladprinter January 15, 2009
F- Folk
I- I
L- Love
A- Always
Fila means folk i love always
by Lil Tripp February 01, 2008
Faggot In LA
After I went Bin Laden on George , he moved to LA and officially became FILA.
by Fat Joe September 24, 2003
Finally I LEFT Africa
by steve May 09, 2003

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