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Flesh Eating Capitalist. Sarcastic term to describe someone who is an adamant proponent of capitalism where the ends justify any means. Noted FEC's are Marc Rousset
Marc is a FEC, he wants Wal-Mart to run every department store.
by Marc Rousset May 16, 2005
Full Excellent Combo!!! Used to describe a certain score on the dance simulation game "In The Groove."

Dude! I finally got a FEC on Delirium!
by qwv May 27, 2005
a short term for feces, meaning shit
"Man i just dropped the biggest fec"
by Shawn Walthall February 17, 2009
Fat Emo Chick. they continually roam the dark ally streets at night like your worst shadowy nightmare.
Emily: "hey looks like you got a secret admirer"
Tim: *shudders* "ugh not another FEC!"
by Shmemily Bizzoyle April 05, 2008
F.E.C Fat Evil Cyclist
What the fek, did you see that fec? He is too F to even C
by wrapmaster August 24, 2010
An acronym for Florida Evos Club, a website forum supporting Florida Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution owners
I visited the FEC website to talk about the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.
by Site Contributor November 11, 2010
A human head that resembles the tip of a penis.
Man, that guy has such a FEC head.
by the beatjackson February 06, 2010

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