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Stands for Fashionably Dressed Lesbian. A lesbian with the fashion sense of a gay male.
Michelle: Did you see Sandy’s cardigan today?! It’s fabulous! Very modern.

Nicole: Well she *is* an FDL, I’d expect no less from her.
by NicoleLF October 10, 2008
34 14
The FDL is an extention of the DL or down low, the fdl meaning f*cking Down low. Usually used to express that the fact just disclosed should never be shared
jim: Ohh your gonna propose to Mary tomarrow? Ok ill keep it on the DL.

joe: no Jim, you better keep it on the FDL.
by <blank><blank> January 08, 2009
10 5
Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints
The FDLS made news for allegedly marrying off 13 and 14 year old girls to older men.
by calicat2210 April 14, 2009
4 1
Acronym for "Fake Dumb Loser".
Baylee: Did you see Mandy today at school? FDL much?

Mark: She doesn't need to wear a mini skirt. Ever.
by CoconutMuffin May 21, 2011
5 4
Fat Dick Lover
Oh my God! she looks like a seal, she loves sex! fattie loves to suck dicks!
She's a FDL!!!!!!
by VelvetDancer October 27, 2009
9 8
Fucking Douche Lord
That guy is such a douche! He stole my girl!
Mannn he's an FDL!
by MMFS11 January 18, 2011
2 3