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3 definitions by calicat2210

Friend of a friend. Like an acquaintance but with a little more familiarity, because odds are you've heard of them and they've heard of you and/or you've seen each other around the same crowds. Not quite a bff or a homeslice yet, because you haven't interacted with them enough to get those bonds yet.
Text1: So who's throwing the party?
Text2: A fof, she seems legit at the parties I've seen her at.
by calicat2210 January 11, 2012
Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints
The FDLS made news for allegedly marrying off 13 and 14 year old girls to older men.
by calicat2210 April 14, 2009
Simply put, it's an acronym for Thank The Baby Jesus It's Friday.
It's been a hell of a week, but TTBJIF already!
by calicat2210 July 11, 2008