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4 definitions by NicoleLF

Someone that is devoted to their sports team. They are sad when the team losses, happy when they win. Their mood depends on their team's status.
Nicole: We made it to the playoffs!! Hopefully we can make it to the World Series!

Josh: I hate people that refer to their sports team as “we.” It’s only appropriate if you are a shareholder.

Nicole: I am a shareholder. I am an emotional shareholder.

Caitlin: Ooh. She got you there, Josh.
by NicoleLF February 13, 2008
30 5
Stands for Fashionably Dressed Lesbian. A lesbian with the fashion sense of a gay male.
Michelle: Did you see Sandy’s cardigan today?! It’s fabulous! Very modern.

Nicole: Well she *is* an FDL, I’d expect no less from her.
by NicoleLF October 10, 2008
34 14
The fry that falls in between the seats. You find it months later and it is a shriveled up version of its former self.
Jennifer: Eww! Look at this old fry I found when I was cleaning under the seats of my Benz!

Nicole: That's a perfect example of a mummy fry!
by NicoleLF June 27, 2007
25 5
When you are sick of your office and everyone in it. Everything makes you want to scream and everybody gets on your nerves.
Sally: And look at this picture of him in his baseball hat! Isn't it precious?

Dara: It really is.

Nicole (overhearing this conversation in the next cubical): Ugh, ladies, weren't y'all talking about that same photo yesterday, and the day before that and last week? Sorry, I have a bad case of officeitis, just don't mind me.
by NicoleLF May 20, 2009
9 2